Psychology Expert & media spokesperson

A highly qualified psychologist and coach, Richard has the skills and years of experience to get the absolute best out of you and your key people.

Working as a trusted advisor for leading public figures and top-tier organisations throughout the world, Richard provides coaching, mentoring and training on a consultancy basis.

Perhaps you would like some help in becoming a better leader or performer, wanting that magnetic personality that engages and inspires. If so, Richard’s Charisma Workshop will release your hidden charisma and nurture it into a powerful tool, helping you to elicit maximum impact when needed.

A highly qualified psychologist and coach, Richard has the skills and years of experience to get the absolute best out of you and or the high potential performers within your operation. Working on a consultancy basis with corporate clients across the UK, Richard runs performance workshops and provides leadership coaching for top-tier organisations, such as Sophos, Morgan Stanley, Google, Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young, PwC, Booking.com, KPMG and many more

Renowned expert, public speaker, and trusted media spokesperson

An accomplished public speaker, giving talks on topics such as psychological resilience, charisma and inspirational leadership, Richard is often asked by the media for expert comments. With appearances on Sky 1, BBC Breakfast, Bloomberg, and Radio 5Live, he also appeared in Sky 1’s Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures. Richard is also the CEO of Pinnacle Wellbeing Services.

Richard’s book, Cure Your Phobia in 24 Hours, will help you to both overcome your phobia and unleash your true inner potential! Available from Amazon and WHSmith – buy your copy today.

Breakthrough Coaching

  • Tired of being locked in to a long-term coaching contract?
  • Want results now?
  • Want to work with an international authority in the field of behavioural change?

Choose Breakthrough Coaching, a new way of dealing with your most pressing challenges at work. You send us a wish list of issues you want to work on and we will design a one-to-one day to help you work on them intensively.

Typical issues might be:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Relationship issues
  • Leadership challenges
  • Finding and clearing limiting beliefs
  • Developing work-life balance and even fear of picking up the phone
  • Breakthrough Coaching is usually delivered as a one day session with a follow up day about 6 weeks later to chart the progress of the coaching.


If you’d like to talk to Richard about consultancy, workshops or an upcoming media or public speaking appearance, send him a message or call 020 7060 4375 – he’d love to hear from you.