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The Science of Presenting®

Pitches & Presentations powered by Psychological Insight.

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The Psychology of Pitching & Presenting® is uniquely tailored towards entrepreneurs, professional services people and Sales Teams looking to maximise their success in pitching and presenting to potential clients or investors.

Available Formats

  • In-house Corporate training

  • Open workshops (dates & locations available throughout the year)

  • 1-2-1 coaching (face-to-face or online)

  • Intensive 1-2-1 Breakthrough days

  • Talks or conference events

Norgine – Community of Practice, London, 2018

Richard will reveal the unique psychological insights and skills that will make your pitches and presentations instinctively resonate with your audience for more successful results:

  • Build presentations that appeal to a variety of senses and personality types

  • Structure a consultative pitch to potential clients and investors

  • Develop pitches for different running orders to ensure that you remain memorable

  • Differentiate your recommendations or solutions from your competition

  • Communicate financial information in an engaging and inspiring way

  • Define the critical selling messages which you want the audience to remember

  • Prepare your optimal mind-set to present

  • Employ the full power of words, voice and body language to accentuate your impact

  • Extend your questioning & listening skills to pick up on finer nuances

  • Deliver punchy & concise pitches to investors

  • Develop the agility to answer difficult questions on the spot

  • Appeal to investors’ emotions so that your proposal remains a priority for them

  • Create messages that prompt quicker action

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