Charisma Masterclass

Helping you reach the top, and stay there

How to develop charisma
and influence people

It used to be thought that charisma was a character trait – you either had it or you didn’t. Not so! It is within us all. Charisma needs nurturing to expand and flourish, helping you to be the best you can be.

With coaching, you will soon be able to release and harness your hidden charisma. Richard Reid has helped many people – from CEOs and entrepreneurs to celebrities – to enhance their charisma and switch it on when needed, for instance when talking to the media, performing in front of a crowd, or interacting with staff in the workplace.

By joining The Charisma Masterclass, created by Richard and now hailed as the UK’s top personal effectiveness training course, you can release your hidden charisma and become more successful.

Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible results.

Marianne Williamson

When I wasn’t sure what the word ‘charisma’ meant, I met Steve Jobs and then I understood.

Larry Tesler

Sinatra had this great charisma. When he walked into a room, it stopped. I've only seen that happen with Ronald Reagan.

Don Rickles

The reason we're successful, darling? My overall Charisma, of course.

Freddie Mercury

What is charisma?

Charisma is a magnetic presence that radiates across the room, drawing others in. The charismatic individual may shine in public or at work, but will then relax at home or blend in when out shopping. The skill is in knowing how to switch on the charisma when you need it to conserve your energy.

It all comes down to communication, in which there are three key elements: words, tone of voice and body language. The non-verbal elements are important for communicating feelings and attitudes, and these can be learnt in The Charisma Masterclass.

When you realise the power you have within you, how charismatic and influential you can be, you will need to accept complete responsibility for your life, for what you are creating, to then feel more confident and empowered.

Richard’s work has been featured in leading lifestyle publications, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and GQ. If you'd like to find out more, send Richard a message or call 020 7060 4375 – he'd love to hear from you.

The Charisma Masterclass is the UK’s top personal effectiveness training, helping you get to the top of your game – and stay there.

It is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Professional Services people, or anyone else who needs to make an impact by influencing and persuading others.

Core Skill & Subjects

  • Pure confidence: manage your thoughts and feelings to confidently tackle any situation
  • Skillful communication and conversation: portray the right messages and create results through charisma in the spoken word
  • Body language: learn how to adapt your own body language so it’s fuelled with charisma, and exposing the right signs
  • Behaviours: build knowledge and understanding of what needs to alter to be totally approachable and trusted; creating the best first impression
  • Self belief and personal empowerment: develop the personal mindset to be authentic and memorable in your interactions with others – so you have that charismatic edge at all times
  • Presence: be all there, all the time – in the here and now

Individual Outcomes

  • Master your thoughts and emotions to be the best version of yourself consistently
  • Develop presence to deepen rapport with others
  • Earn the trust of others and diffuse conflict with ease
  • Fine-tune your negotiation, persuasion and influencing techniques
  • Unleash the power of voice and body language to elevate your personal brand
  • Increase your happiness
  • Plan and reach your personal goals

Corporate Charisma Testimonial

by Jonathan Bartholomew, UK Sales Channel Director, Sophos.

"I wanted to express my gratitude at the time you spent with the team and I. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every element of the course even though some of them felt discomfort through some of the exercises!

I have spoken to all of the group today who all believe that what they have learnt has had a profound impact on their lives and they are all so grateful for Sophos funding such important coaching.

I found the course eye opening and full of tools that can be used to make life and business so much easier. Thank you again."

Dates and prices

January 2018

Wed 24th - Thurs 25th

February 2018

Sat 24th - Sun 25th

March 2018

Wed 21st - Thurs 22nd

To find out more or book yourself on to a Charisma Masterclass, send Richard a message or call 020 7060 4375 today.