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The Corporate Athlete®

The complete psychological toolkit for the business professional.

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The Corporate Athlete® is uniquely tailored towards entrepreneurs, business leaders and high potential professionals looking to gain a competitive edge whilst also maintaining their wellbeing & performance.

The psychology and neuroscience of soft skills

The Corporate Athlete is a three-day course that brings together a trinity of powerful lessons that Richard Reid has taught to high-performing leaders around the world. Speak to us about how we can arrange the course for your team in a one, two or three day format.

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Day 1: Discover how to deliver (and maintain) Peak Performance

Learn how to embrace challenges, adapt to change and thrive. You’ll develop a set of tools to help you be more resilient, and more effective  under pressure.

Day 2: Take the Charisma Masterclass

Find out how to influence, inspire and elevate others in a way that is authentically you. You’ll end the day understanding the set of behaviours that enable you to communicate and lead using the superpower of charisma.

Day 3: Understanding the Science of Presenting

Discover how to deliver winning presentations that are powered by psychological insight, whether it’s a winning pitch or a convincing call-to-arms for your sales team.

Day One


Embrace challenges. Adapt to change. Thrive.

Day Two


Influence inspire and elevate others. Authentically.

Day Three


Deliver winning pitches powered by Psychological insight

Corporate athlete business course day one agenda
Corporate Athlete Day 2 agenda The Charisma Masterclass
Corporate Athlete high performance business course Pinnacle Wellbeing agenda Day three The science of presenting

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