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The Charisma Masterclass®

Influence, inspire and elevate others. Authentically.

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“This is a fantastic session. Richard has delivered it to our entire consulting team. It’s full of highly practical and deeply thought out advice and I consciously use bits of it almost every day”

Morgan McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, CDO Partners

Oaklins – Annual Conference, Vienna, 2018

Jonathan Bartholomew
UK & Ireland Channel Director, Sophos

The Charisma Masterclass® and coaching programme is uniquely tailored towards entrepreneurs, business leaders and high potential professionals.

Available Formats

  • In-house Corporate training

  • Open workshops (dates & locations available throughout the year)

  • 1-2-1 coaching (face-to-face or online)

  • Intensive 1-2-1 Breakthrough days

  • Talks or conference events

Richard will ensure that you hone your mind-set, body language, voice and overall communication style, so that you become the best version of YOU:

    • Recognise your own unique inner-qualities; consciously utilise these more confidently and effectively – whether you are naturally an Extrovert OR Introvert

    • Grow your Emotional Intelligence; attune to the underlying emotions and motivations of others and adapt your rapport building skills to create more “win-win” situations

    • Create more collaborative and meaningful interactions; build ethical long-term sustainable relationships with colleagues, peers, customers and key stakeholders

    • Become a trusted advisor to others; generate greater power, presence and warmth

    • Establish a stronger personal brand; draw others to you so that they instinctively remember you and actively promote your interests

    • Demonstrate greater gravitas; master your emotions & decision-making

    • Feel more authentic, purposeful and courageous;  stand out from the crowd (no more “Imposter Syndrome”)

    • Develop more compelling verbal and non-language; motivate and influence those around you

    • Raise your mental agility; learn how to “think on your feet” and maintain composure no matter what the situation

    • Maximise your full potential; become the person that you were always meant to be – impress and inspire others to do the same

Did you know…?

Charisma is first and foremost about how we make others feel. By making them feel reassured and validated, we also accentuate our own personal brand and promote positive, sustainable long-term relationships.

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